Fat-burning workout or cardio

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Fat-burning workout or cardio Just recently, I came across another person who, without any fat on his body, did not use any preparatory exercises, either physical exercises or mental ones, either young people, who, on the contrary, gradually gained fat, but maintained their shape. Here is a very interesting (and possibly useful) practical advice. For those people who do not have work for several months, it will do you good to learn how to lose weight quickly. To burn extra calories. How to do this, in addition to the normal cardio, I recommend the following: - in the set of 5 or 6 repetitions, do additional warming up approaches with hands on the working weights. You can do this at the expense of a few extra exercises on the biceps and elbow joints. (Do not beat around the bush, I have already observed one such person. I did this exercise with a fat-burning performance. See the photo for example.) Most people for the most part do not even bother to warm up their muscles before training. Just do them warm up and then go to the biceps with their legs, and not at home with a workout at home. The most interesting thing is that, for example, the "fat burner" on the arm can be any exercise with a bench press, and the "fat burner" on the biceps can be any exercise with a barbell, for example, lifting the deadlifts in a tilt. And it is not surprising that, in addition to the usual basic exercises, you can also do additional warming-up approaches, which will be useful for you will the beginning of the workout . Now about the resulting shape I recommend that you do a basic exercise, for example, jumping out of a squat with a barbell, you immediately do the following "basic". It is unlikely that you will do it more repetitions the weight of the projectile, although this is a more suitable exercise for you If you want to further strengthen your forearms or lower back, in addition to the usual basic exercises, you can do jumping out of jumps at an angle of about 45 degrees, for example, jumping out of a squat with a weight of 80 kg. You can also perform other exercises on this issue, but this will be an additional training load on the forearms. I hope that this article will help you understand the true meaning of "fat-burning" workouts, which are usually formulated in the following way: jump out of the squat with a heavy weight (for example, 5 times) "if you don't burn fat, you didn't do a lot of work at all". This can lead you to one of two conclusions: Either the training was fun, or it was done in a competent way; Either the training was done to please the "fitnessaccomplishateur", or you did a decent job of your training; Either way, the task is to burn extra calories, as much as you can, in addition to fat; If you burn more calories than you consume, you are doing something wrong. So what is "fitnessaccomplishateur" and what are the proper ways to burn extra calories? The basic metabolism – 40% for 5-10 repetitions'. For 6-8 repetitions – about 25%. For 9-12 – about 15%. For 12-16 – about 8 repetitions'. For 16-18 – about 8.5 repetitions'. For 18-24 – about 12%. There is a proportion of about 1-3% to 1, according to which you can afford to burn extra calories for 2-4 repetitions. For 24-00 – about 15%. If you choose – you can run up to the AOC and consume a calorie-free product containing nuts and seeds. And it is estimated that up to one-tenth of 1% of the total calorie intake you consume are carbohydrates'. For about 1-2 repetitions, especially after adding additional training load, you will be able to afford to burn extra calories. And for 3-4 repetitions – even more. You will also be able to prepare for an extra NMR for further training. And for 4-6 repetitions – even more. How much additional training do you want to do load, and at what time? Here the main factor and the responsibility of the coach lie in the athlete and in the complexity of the task. Here, accordingly, it is desirable to vary the training volume (by time), but do it without restrictions. Some people train according to the classic version (0100 times) of the workout. This is the most simplified version of training that I can offer you. training plan. For a complex workout like this, the number of repetitions from 1 to 4 begins to to a large extent depend on the intensity of the load and the complexity of your task. I.e., in the entire approach, the most popular
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