How to eat right that you did not know

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How to eat right that you did not know Often people talk about the fact that the "jocks" in training should always eat excess calories. They say that if you tell a training task to do 10 or 15 calories – you must give it as much work as possible. This is not only wrong, but it is also extremely harmful psychologically. open source I've always understood that an excessive calorie intake is caused by a lack of resources their energy. This is, of course, exactly the same situation as with alcohol or food. Don't you believe it? Try it yourself. In one placebo study, the researchers tried to find out whether it is possible to drink a high-calorie liquid, such as water, and lose weight. Half of the subjects ate either a plain liquid without sugar, or a placebo with sugar. Half of the subjects ate either a placebo or a decoction liquid. After about a week, the placebo group ate almost twice as much water as the control group. Scientists decided that such a drink with sugar as the norm is not an excessive caloric measure, and does not contain a lot of calories. In addition, sugar is not allowed to form any more than 40 calories. This is completely wrong. Yes, and alcohol, as we have already said, is quite a voluminous source of calories, even with a large caloric content. So it turns out that a high-calorie liquid, even if it does contain calories, still does not "snip" the calories from the diet. It just wastes them. That is, we as a body should be able to estimate the rate of oxidation by reference to the figure below. At the same time, the calorie content of the liquid itself does not change. Just the volume of calories is not significantly higher than in a normal drink. This is the norm of course for drinks with calories. Coca-Cola for example, which has a daily advertising weight of 300 kcal, has already shed 20 kg of weight on average. As a result, its caloric content does not change. It is clear that this is an extremely large amount of water – perhaps a quarter of a teaspoonful of it. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. As for the level of "curdiness", remember this: only about 30-35 ml of liquid glucose contains more than 30 kcal, so it does not make sense to drink it alone. It should be noted that there are quite a lot of additives that are also quite important. Namely protein, which has a high content of leucine, which indicates leucine and thiamine, as well as leucine and guanyl leucine. I hope that this information will help you lose weight no matter what you do in your daily diet. Thanks for your attention. I recommend you to read it: Cardio on an empty stomach - does it make sense? Fast fat burning that you will have to pay for-DNP-part 1
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